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Lotusheart Music
Oak Creek Canyon at Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Areizona

~ Music to Soothe your Heart
& Nourish your Soul ~


Global Angel Productions presents
the music of The Wind Poet,
Jeanne Fitzsimmons from her record label, Lotusheart Music.

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Divine Lullaby CD cover

Healing, Childbirth — Synthesized keyboard by Oman Ken, with silver flute and angelic vocals. Healing, soothing lullaby quality. MORE>

Jeanne emerges as a solo artist after being background for many successful performers and recordings stars. Jeanne has gold and platinum records from major artists recording her songs. Anne Murray, Dottie West, and Barry Manilow produced "Dionne" for Dionne Warwich which went double platinum. She has performed, toured with, or recorded with artists such as Cher, Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstadt, Julie Andrews, Jack Jones, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Johnny Cash, Wayland Jennings, Willie Nelson, Mac Davis, Kris Kristofferson, George Burns, and Lanie Kazan, and toured, recorded and was a regular on the Glen Campbell Goodtime hour for CBS-TV. Recently one Easter, she had the opportunity to play with Willie Nelson in Austin, weaving her silver flute behind his Easter ballads.

All songs composed, arranged, and performed by
Jeanne Fitzsimmons ASCAP

Wind Poet CD cover

Opening Heart Process — Keyboards, silver flute, wind chimes, angelic vocals and four love songs to the Beloved. Rich, full, soothing sounds.

Ocean of Love CD cover

Perfect for the sixty minute massage — Ocean waves and shoreline sounds under entire unbroken hour of gentle angelic vocals over keyboard, flute and chimes. MORE>



What is Healing Music?

Music is used for everything. An atmosphere of relaxation and sweet calmness is often designed by the music that is used by a counselor, facilitators of
workshops, a healer, yoga instructors, a healing therapist, a body-worker, a massage therapist, breath workers, and Hypnotherapy sessions.
It is used to induce a deep and profound natural healing within the body or mind of a patient or client. It has been proven that blood-pressure, stress and tension, and fear or anxiety are greatly reduced with the use of deeply relaxing music.
Doctors’ offices, chiropractors, hospitals, waiting rooms, Senior Centers, and ‘process therapists’, all use the healing properties of beautiful soothing music to enhance, calm, and ease those who are there. Since the human body is an 'energetic body' that responds to certain sound frequencies that provides release — music will always be experienced as a ‘touch of love’ from the heart. This music is such music. It is designed for healing, relaxation and to reduce anxiety as neuro-acoustic healing music… working in harmony with the sound/color vibrations throughout the systems of the human body. Please enjoy and be healthy, happy, and free.
This music is primarily and purely instrumental with Wind Poet being the exception with four songs to the heart being sung. All of this music is designed to be arrhythmic, out of ‘time’ for the opportunity for the listener to completely relax into Oneness of their Nature.
May your heart blossom in its totality of love like the lotusheart.
~ Blessings to all!
Jeanne Fitzsimmons, Producer, Artist, ASCAP Composer
© All Rights Reserved Lotusheart Music 2004


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